Financing: loans to "find the right person," "said dialogue"
  Small businesses in practice, how to improve the success rate of the loan? Financial network founder Zhou Han worked in the Sinar MAS Group's financial sector for more than 10 years, leading a buyer-seller credit working group, specifically for small businesses in the supply chain financing service to banks. He said loans to "find the right person," "said dialogue".
loans to "find people"
China, there are about 30 million households and commercial households, and strong demand for small business financing, but many have not been met. Since 2009, the Bank financing products gradually increased to more than 200 more, "find the right person" to make financing efforts. In paper industry small business, for example, if you find loan officers do paper corporate financing projects, are well aware of industry and risk, so easier to get loans. By looking for potential lenders financing service platform is a way to have the opportunity to "shop around".
three mistakes to avoid, "said" dialogue is equally important. Small business start loan experience, emphasizing its highlights to persuade banks, were not what they are most concerned about content; financial situation and repayment guarantees, banks want to know information, probably because the financial information is not provided. Zhou Han summarizes the communication process of applying for loans, small businesses should take the initiative to avoid three errors.
error: money and earn steady money. SMEs want to persuading the banks to give loans, usually the first sentence to the loan officer breast: "this project will bring in cash. "But the banks are most concerned about is not how much you new items to make money, but the stability of the profitability of the enterprise, because this is an important guarantee of repayment. A profit on a yearly business, the possibility of securing loans to profit higher than the annual fluctuations similar to the enterprise.
myth: mortgage repayment. "I have very good collateral. "Enterprise strong showing this" trump card ", in fact, appears to be second in line at the Bank's repayment sources, number one is, of course, cash flow. Banking is not a pawn shop, most enterprises are still not out, to the realisation of collateral when the time and effort. So, your collateral, instead of making banks "silk", read "may not" subtext.
mistake three: after the hit "sentenced to death". Some companies ask the banks for loans, was called back to vote, think that it is definitely gone, turn to loan sharks. In fact, another reason to reject the request of enterprises, not their problem may be due to credit constraints and other reasons. There used to be a small business to their own bank China Merchants Bank branch to apply for a loan is rejected, try holding the mentality into network information channel. Matching via the website, there are 3 banks expressing interest, interviewed separately for a loan, which is a branch of the Bank. Enterprises wonder: I was rejected by the Bank, talks about what results? Didn't think 3 Bank agreed to provide a loan, while another branch of China merchants in contrast is the most favorable terms, around a circle, enterprise or bank loans. Don't be discouraged after the wall, may replace a possible success.
developing some good habits in addition, appear frequently in small business lending "message boards", which led banks to see the small enterprise management, financial status and other information, not lenders. Due to small enterprises, especially micro-enterprises and many cash transactions, more serious phenomenon of information distortion of financial statements.
banking people recommends small micro-enterprise in daily business in the note two points: a is habit good of tab habits, as more using Bank settlement account for funds between, left trading water, such also convenient Bank on enterprise real business situation, and funds to for intuitive analysis; II is note other business information of accumulated, note collection as meters, and meter, and customs report, and purchase shipping table, can real records enterprise production scale, and production situation of "hard information".

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