Trust companies to open branches in different places are expected to be supported
Over the years, trust companies to open branches in different places subject to policy restrictions, mainly geographical layout, it also created a trust is generally weak. To this end, according to the business daily news in early March this year, the CBRC had to trust offsite outreach and business team management for a large scale research. Object not only involved the CBRC directly trusts, including trust companies within the local banking regulatory Bureau.
the CBRC to the trust's research is divided into three parts: first, find out trust offsite outreach and basic data of business team management and second, asked the trust to offsite outreach and distributed business teams management mode for details; third, requires trust established for remote teams or agencies an analysis of necessity and feasibility of trust business description. "This survey data has recently reported to the CBRC Department of ADB. "A person close to regulators said, in recent years, the trust company business booming at the offsite. After she finished the investigation, regulators are likely to introduce new rules allowing trust to open sales branches in different places.
starting at the current point of the CBRC investigation, and for a reason. Since 2010, the explosive growth of Chinese trust industry. Trust assets from the end of 2009, soaring 2 trillion yuan by the end of September 2011 4.1 trillion yuan, less than two years, doubled in size. In addition to macro-environment background, a fact that cannot be ignored is that previously restricted to a business trust, set up a remote office or wealth management centre in recent years the pace of long-distance business boom, which to a great extent doubled the size of the trust industry. "Instead of blocking, as well ... Beijing says there are forty or fifty different trusts. "Trust and fund Xing Cheng, Director of the Institute in Renmin University, let go offsite marketing to encourage trust companies develop their own loyal customer base, which are regarded as regulators for the next step in the development of trust companies, creating favourable external conditions.
in fact, in October 2011, the CBRC issued the notification on the relevant issues concerning the regulation of trust products marketing (draft for soliciting opinions), one of the key points to encourage offsite marketing trust, allowed trusts to set up marketing centers in different places.

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