Competition in the small loan industry upgrading Western foreign investors bullish on the market
"We are very optimistic about the market in Chengdu. "Recently, the MC micro-loan company in 2012 with a foreign background Board held in Chengdu in China, says anuode·wentula, President of the US group, in the context of Western development, Sichuan are promising, as the economic center of Sichuan, Chengdu, need a lot of" micro-finance "power.
MC of a microfinance company shareholders are from overseas, and by France MC group, the International Finance Corporation of the World Bank, Germany KfW bank, Belgium's AXA Group, the global development fund company joint venture, was established in Hong Kong, and open companies to develop business in China 2007 opened Nanchong MC company in Nanchong, in November 2010 was established in Chengdu, Sichuan company MC. At present, there are 3 with a foreign background, including MC microfinance companies in Sichuan and layout.

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