Adjust the credit structure reflect the macro-control effects
A quarter, enterprise loan growth continues to rebounded, small micro-enterprise loan steadily growth, "three agricultural" loan keep more fast growth, real estate loan growth continued down, currency credit keep smooth moderate growth, credit structure continued optimization people's Bank of China today announced of this year a quarter loan into statistics report displayed, Qian March enterprise loan growth continues to rebounded, small micro-enterprise loan steadily growth, "three agricultural" loan keep more fast growth, real estate loan growth continued down. Relevant experts believe that current steady moderate growth of money and credit, the credit structure optimization, reflects the positive results of macro-control.
    this year, we continue to implement a prudent monetary policy, based on economic performance, proper adjustments and fine-tuning, to advance the adjustment of credit structure, improve service levels in the real economy. To this end, the more targeted increase of banking institutions and directly related areas of credit in the real economy, effective protection of the vulnerability of key economic and social demand for loans.
    face the financing needs of small and micro enterprises, commercial banks launched a variety and distinctive new model of financial services to small and micro enterprises, and will tilt more credit to small and micro enterprises, promoting small and micro enterprise loans to maintain relatively fast growth. According to Central Bank data, end of March, small business loan balance amounted to 10.38 trillion yuan, an increase of 20.5% and national corporate loan balances was 37.24 trillion yuan over the same period, an increase of 15.2%. This suggests that the credit business of commercial banks the focus has changed significantly, an increasing number of small and micro businesses enjoy convenient and efficient financial services.
    "three agriculture" is the commercial banks with a major business area. The central economic work Conference held in December last year makes it clear that perseverance grasping "three rural" to enhance agricultural supply abilities, efforts to promote agricultural production and farmers ' income and rural development. Central banks made earlier this year, to promote innovation in rural financial products and services, efforts to improve and enhance "three agriculture" financial services. Published by the Central Bank's latest data show that rural loans increased by 718.3 billion yuan in the first quarter of this year, compared with an increase of 19.8 billion yuan; household loans increased 186.7 billion yuan less compared with 44.2 billion yuan in agricultural loans increased by 136.3 billion yuan in the first quarter, up by 7.5 billion yuan less. "Three agriculture" loan growth has slowed, rural loans, farm household loan growth rate is still higher than that of loans to effectively promote rural credit funds investment.
    under the strong guidance from regulators, banking institutions to actively support affordable housing construction. According to late March the national affordable housing development loans 430.6 billion yuan, up 63.7%, an increase of 39.1 billion yuan in the first quarter, real estate development loan increase over the same period accounted for 47.1%, 3% lower than the annual level of the previous year. Banking institutions to support affordable housing, in line with the China Banking Regulatory Commission had proposed "loan growth over 50%" specific objectives, supporting a large number of low-income housing construction projects smoothly.
    at the same time, as real estate continued to raise, total amount of the commercial banks to rein in lending to property developers and even some real estate development projects, real estate loans continued to decline. Data show that real estate loans in the late March 771 billion yuan, down 8%, decline was essentially flat with the end of last year; real estate development loans of 2.83 trillion yuan, an increase of 11% growth 6.1% lower than the end of last year. Real estate credit reduced inputs, overall money supply remains tight directly reflected in the real estate market. First quarter of the year, individual housing loans increased by 157.4 billion yuan, up 175.7 billion yuan in less. National Bureau of statistics figures released earlier showed March in 70 major cities new apartment sales prices continued the downward trend on the whole.
      for the current credit situation, a meeting of the Central Bank's monetary policy Committee made it clear that, should make efforts to guide and optimize the credit structure, increase its support to socio-economic key areas and weak links. Therefore, banking institutions in accordance with "volume moderate, prudent and flexible, targeted support" requirements, and continuously improve the level of financial services, to better support the real economy

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