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In recent years, Tongling County rural credit cooperative implement national policies, guide and supervise credit unions strongly support small business development within its jurisdiction, efforts to open up financing for small enterprises the green channel, and actively promote the steady and healthy development of Tongling County small enterprises.
the past, Tongling County, the local economy was dominated by agriculture. With the construction and development of industrial parks, Tongling County industrial development of small businesses rapidly. Tongling County rural credit cooperative with this opportunity, centering on the new rural construction of the main line, based on local economic development, establish a "Junior" concept, support of small enterprise development as a support to the farmers, agricultural development and an important way for rural prosperity. Until the end of October 2007, rural credit cooperatives credit business relationship over more than 500 customers. 1-in October, the new small business loans number 33 103.84 million Yuan. The end of October, small business loans of up to 339.46 million Yuan, 41% per cent of the outstanding loans. New small business loans to count 64% of the balance of the loans. In order to do a small business financing, the County Association new varieties of active and innovative business, small business loans business marketing ideas, and the transformation of management model, and strive to improve service levels, and actively participate in governmental organizations and small enterprises project matchmaking. Early County Lian and Wang Jin Qiao Industrial Park industrial park, successfully docked, with small businesses within the Park, reaching consensus on many issues. In April 2007, the County Association held in Tongling County Government's first fengdan Tourism Cultural Festival, 2007 small business lending framework agreement with the County Government, and with 4 small businesses signed a loan agreement of 40 million Yuan. In November 2007, the municipal organization of the chattel mortgage loans on the promotion of SMEs successfully many small enterprises reached a cooperation agreement with Chong.
Chong most private small businesses a single weak, land used for collective land, can be used to finance mortgage assets less and single channel of financing of these enterprises, there is an urgent need to Bank funding. To resolve this contradiction, rural credit cooperatives actively stabilize small businesses land, plant, machinery and equipment as collateral, such as traditional lending, part solved the capital needs of small businesses, while actively strengthen cooperation with intermediaries, so that a large number of private enterprises, small enterprises supported by the rural credit cooperatives in the County. The machinery and equipment loan, pilot of civil servants, such as micro-enterprise financing guarantee business. To continue to meet the needs of small business financing market and innovation of rural credit cooperative, launched the "Golden wing" series of new varieties of small business loans, small business loans, UNPROFOR "strong weak" business loans, small business revolving loan products are popular with small business owners. Furthermore, in order to overcome the difficulties of smaller cooperatives capitalization, supporting more quality enterprises, County Association to disseminate Community loan Association met with a number of brothers, put tens of millions of Yuan loans, effectively solving the Tongling County within the above-scale enterprises ' financing needs. Meanwhile, pledge monitoring companies, successful small business personal property loan.
the traditional credit business consolidation and "Golden wing" series of small business loans business innovation, Tongling County rural credit cooperative implementation of enterprise and its a win-win situation. Enterprise financing problem alleviated to a certain extent; tens of thousands of rural surplus labor force in place to transform, re-employment of the laid off staff to local taxes fast incremental; motivation is enhanced to support small business development. Loan product innovations, particular warranty loans team members consciously monitor the use of loan funds to greatly enhance the efficiency, effective control of the credit risk of credit support for small businesses, enhanced credit support for small enterprise development initiative. Asset marketing efforts at the same time, the credit unions since the end of 2002 to the end of October 2007, deposits rose from 342.65 million Yuan to 998.87 million yuan; from 257.58 million rising to 828.3 million yuan of loans; their own economic benefits by more than 50% a year annually.

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