Retrenchment by small business "outstanding"
Because of the credit crunch, and limit business loans and financing, small business is the first. In order to foster the development of small enterprises, China Banking Regulatory Commission said recently that regulator tolerance for poor small business loan rate can increase to 5%.
see the Xinhua report:
Outstandingloanstosmallfirmsgrew26.6percentyear-on-yeartohit9.85trillionyuan($1.55trillion)attheendofJuly,saidXiaoYuanqi,anofficialinchargeof financial services for small enterprises at the China Banking Regulatory Commission。
small business loans xiaoqiyuan, head of the China Banking Regulatory Commission indicated, at the end of July, small business loans outstanding reached 9.85 trillion yuan (1.55 trillion dollars), an increase of 26.6%.
the outstanding loan is referred to as "outstanding", that is, not pay off the loan balance. Outstanding here unpaid or unresolved, unfulfilled, such as The outstanding debts must be paid by the end of the month. (Outstanding debt must be repaid before the end of. ) In addition, the outstanding generally used to mean notable, outstanding, such as outstanding actress (outstanding actress).
after the monetary tightening, and capital-adequacy ratios for banks (capital adequacy ratio) and loan-deposit ratios (LDR) more stringent examination, micro-credit company (micro-loan companies) increased volume of business, but also to guard against bad loans (NPL/NPL) increased. Some cash-strapped companies (capital-strapped companies) in desperation, to private lenders (personal loans) owed loan sharks, but also to the credit crisis which may trigger system.

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